TRU™ Training

TRU System Training Course

There is a 3-day on-line training course that is included in the system price. This is not a “canned” video presentation. It is a very effective live screen sharing event between trainer and trainees. There are 3 training days – with one-half conducted outdoors for data collection purposes and the other half conducted indoors for instruction on the System’s off-line TBA Auto Analysis software.

Advantages of the on-line course:

• No travel for the Trainer is necessary

• Training days are flexible – Trainer and Trainees can configure the days that best fit their respective schedules

• The outdoors portion of the training can be configured to avoid any bad weather days

• Multiple trainees at the customer site can participate in real time since while one trainee is operating the equipment the other trainees are involved via live screen sharing of the video and audio interaction between trainer and trainee

• The training sessions can be recorded for playback at the customer’s site whenever desired to refresh the user’s team as well as to train new users